Product Features:

  • 1/2 softer and adjustable box guarantees less pressure on the forefoot, preventing pain and foot deformation.
  • Soft shank allows easier roll up from demi-pointe to full pointe.
  • Allows to adapt and train the foot for en-pointe elements without the barre.
  • Similar to professional pointe shoes but with super soft shank to train the arch.
  • A safe and comfortable way to en-pointe work
  • The ideal choice for beginners learning to stand on pointe, especially with the super-soft shank SS.
  • Last type: 2007
  • Slightly tapered platform
  • Medium Vamp
  • Only in Super Soft Shank

Find your size here: Grishko shoe size chart

All the above information about the features of the shoe can not replace a real and highly recommended pointe shoe fitting.


Ballet Pink


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